Offering service providers video technology to encode, deliver & monetize converged entertainment services.

The Video Platform

The Skitter.TV video platform is an end-to-end solution for capturing, encoding, delivering and enjoying converged video services. Service providers program their channel line-up from virtually any source, even locally produced content. The Skitter Acclaim™ family of encoders produce unsurpassed picture quality in unbelievably small video streams. The Skitter.TV end-user software presents stunning video anywhere, including over-the-top Web content on the TV. Subsciber management and video servers complete the solution--just four manageable steps from content to customer.More on the Skitter.TV Platform

The Business Model

For traditional telephone companies and other service providers, Skitter.TV reduces the risk and ramps up the return on broadband TV services. For the entertainment industry and content distributors, Skitter.TV is a platform that supports content access policies and practices, provides robust security, enhances advertising or subscription revenue streams –all in one high-quality, high-performance viewing environment.

For telecom service providers

For the entertainment industry

Industry overview

The Viewing Experience

Skitter.TV offers the advanced features, stunning picture quality and flexibility that the consumer has been waiting for. Imagine watching your favorite Web videos, local programming and national broadcasts together, on virtually any screen. With Skitter.TV, Internet TV is on the TV, and TV programming is on the computer. And soon, it will all be on your cellphone too.More about Skitter.TV for viewers